Humane and effective woodpecker control products for the do-it-yourself home owner.

Woodpeckers are a problem bird for many people across the U.S. Their rat-a-tat-tat pecking is annoying to hear and the holes they drill are unsightly and compromise the integrity of structures. Woodpeckers are protected by law, so woodpecker control products must be humane as well as effective.

We offer a variety of humane woodpecker control products, and won’t don’t drill you on the price! Learn more about how to control woodpecker problems on your structure.

Woodpecker control
Important Woodpecker Control Information

Woodpeckers must be convinced there is a realistic “predator” threat to their safety to leave the area. Using several types of woodpecker scare deterrents at the same time creates a “fear zone” around the area, persuading the woodpeckers to relocate.

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Customer Testimonial

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your bird deterrent products. We had a couple of Northern Flickers trying to nest in our chimney stack. They were waking my wife and I up every morning at the crack of dawn as they diligently jack-hammered a hole in the stucco of the chimney. Bleary eyed, I considered the pellet gun, but thought better of it. That's when I found Bird Barrier America on the web. I ordered the Octopus and the Woodpecker Spray Repeller on-line and received it three days later. I hung the Octopus from a pole above the chimney and sprayed the stucco surface with the Repeller. I also filled in the holes with waterproof crack filler. Thankfully, this has sent the little buggers packing, and I am, again, sleeping late in Seattle .

Greg T.
Seattle , Washington


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